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About Curiosity Media

We are the people behind the leading Spanish learning websites, SpanishDict and Fluencia, which collectively help more than 100 million people each year. We are also pioneers in the ad-tech industry with our ad quality platform, PubNation, which empowers website owners to deliver faster, higher quality ads.


SpanishDict.com is the world's top destination for Spanish language reference and learning materials for millions of students every year. Our most-loved features include millions of free, high quality dictionary translations, conjugations for every Spanish verb, and real-time comparison of sophisticated translation engines.

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Fluencia empowers users to learn at their own pace with interactive exercises, step-by-step instruction, and personalized feedback. Under the hood, Fluencia uses proprietary Smart Review™ technology built on spaced-repetition research that can increase retention up to 200%.

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PubNation empowers top-tier publishers to take back control of their advertising and deliver faster, higher-quality ads. Our proprietary crowd-sourcing and scanning technologies deliver in-depth reports that pinpoint the source of ad quality problems and allow publishers to take immediate action. Better ads lead to a better internet for publishers, advertisers, and users.

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