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The world's top Spanish reference and learning site. is the world's top destination for Spanish language reference and learning. Reference features include free commercial dictionaries, sophisticated translation engines, and in-depth grammatical entries. SpanishDict also delivers professional-level instructional courses for free. Each course features videos, games, quizzes, and activities that help teach not just vocabulary, but how to write and speak the language. 


The easiest way to learn Spanish online. 


Fluencia empowers users to learn at their own pace with interactive exercises, step-by-step instruction, and personalized feedback. Under the hood, Fluencia uses proprietary Smart Review™ technology built on spaced-repetition research that can increase retention up to 200%. Conveniently available on phones, tablets, and computers, Fluencia makes it easy to learn anytime. Progress syncs instantly in the cloud. Best of all, plans start under $10 a month. Finally, learning a new language is possible. Fluencia is different. It actually works.


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PubNation is an innovative ad reporting tool for online publishers. With PubNation, customers can launch a simple ad-reporting tool on their site that instantly generates complaints with all the necessary data to eliminate the ad. Reports are automatically sent to demand partners for resolution. Finally, publishers are empowered with in-depth analytics , ensuring top-quality user experience and brand preservation.